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Totally Anal Stocking Lesbians Starring Abi Fraser and DirtyAngie

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DirtyAngie has never cum from analingus before and naughty Abi Fraser is determined to show her how pleasurable it is. This very dirty video opens with close up view of Abi's tongue buried deep in DirtyAngie's asshole as she spreads her cheeks. Both girls are in stockings and garter belts and Abi slides her tongue in and out of Angie as she moans with delight. You see this from all angles with lots of great shots of stockinged legs as well. Abi's huge boobs are decorated with sexy black tasseled sequined pasties. As she is vigorously licking Angie's ass, her boobs bounce and her tassels spin as you watch her tongue exploring deep in Angie's asshole. She slides her finger deep in her ass as she licks it. Angie has a vibrator on her clit as Abi puts her thumb in Angie's pussy and plays with both holes. What an amazing sight to see. Abi lies on the floor and Angie sits on her face with her asshole over Abi's eager tongue. The two girls sixty-nine and Angie slides her finger into Abi's asshole and licks her clit. This has to bee seen to be believed. Angie can't fight it any longer and orgasms with Abi's tongue in her ass. If you love stockings, if you love lesbian action, and if you love watching two girls totally enjoy anal sexy, this movie will have you cumming in buckets.

  • Runtime:
  • 11:44
  • Date Added:
  • 07/01/2015

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